Невозможные задачи в рекламе, бизнесе и науке
Стало понятно, что издание российской бизнес-книги на Западе возможно в принципе. Знание (пусть и ошибочное), что решение задачи существует, ...

Nobody In Charge. Essays On The Future Of Leadership
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Nobody In Charge. Essays On The Future Of Leadership

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One of the most renowned thinkers and insightful writers on leadership of our time, Harlan Cleveland has seen numerous trends come and go and weathered many drastic changes in leadership and management-from the rise of the «company man» to the advent of the leaderless, self-managed organization

In each essay, Cleveland focuses on an intriguing insight about leadership-illustrated by stories from his own experience -offering thoughtful perspective on what 21st century leaders will face in the new knowledge environment.

In this collection of essays-the newest addition to the Warren Bennis Signature Series-he draws on his vast experience to apply his thoughts to leadership